A Gap Year – The Right Choice for an ADHD Teen?

A gap year is an experiential year typically taken between high school and college in order to deepen practical, professional, and personal awareness. A gap year can be especially important and beneficial for students with ADHD. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about a gap year for your ADHD teen.

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Is my ADHD student ready for college?

Is my ADHD student ready for college


Is your child heading off to college next year? ADHD students need life skills to be successful  in college.  Edge Coaching has been proven to build the life skills crucial to academic success. Students receiving Edge coaching improve their approach towards learning and their ability to regulate thier mental and emotional responses.  As a result of coaching, students are better at setting and achieving   realistic goals, managing time and sticking to difficult tasks.  Can your high school student answer “yes” to all of these questions?  If not, it’s a pretty good sign that they may benefit from an ADHD coach:

  1. I get myself up on time every day.
  2. I do my own laundry.
  3. I eat healthy meals daily.
  4. I exercise regularly.
  5. I manage my money well.
  6. I make good decisions about balancing time between fun, chores and schoolwork.
  7. I manage my stress well.
  8. I set up my own study schedules.
  9. I stay on top of my schoolwork without reminders.
  10. I organize ideas, write and edit my own papers.
  11. I can motivate myself to do projects and assignments that I don’t really enjoy.
  12. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are and can explain them to other people.
  13. I take my medication without being reminded.
  14. My room and backpack are organized.
  15. I seek out and find resources on my own when I need help figuring something out.
  16. I admit it when I don’t understand something.
  17. I am comfortable asking for help.

Download this checklist as a pdf.

Just one year of coaching can turn a disorganized student into a successful person who is able to achieve whatever they set out to accomplish. Now is the time to find a coach who can help get your student ready to head off to college in the fall.  For more information call 1-888-718-8886 or sign up. https://edgefoundation.org/parents/get-more-information/

(Source: Ready for Take-Off: Preparing Your Teen With ADHD or LD for College, Dr. Patricia Quinn and Theresa Maitland, Ph.D)

Did you know there is financial aid available for students with learning disabilities?

It’s not a secret that college can cost a small fortune. What you may not know is that specific scholarships are available for students with learning and attention issues. There are also general grants, loans and scholarships. Explore some of the opportunities below. College financial aid offices are a great place to learn more.

Learn more about what is available here:  Financial aid for students with learning disablitiesfailing