Webinar: Behind The Wheel With ADHD

Edge Foundation is excited to be able to bring you a new training webinar program called “Behind the Wheel With ADHD”, created and developed by Gayle Sweeney and Ann Shanahan. This program was originally designed for driver education professionals and modified for this webinar to allow parents, coaches, and other professionals working with novice teen drivers who struggle with ADHD and other executive functioning challenges to gain from their expertise and knowledge. Gayle and Ann want to bring this information to those in the Edge community who are interested in helping create an enhanced driver training experience for their teens or clients or loved ones.

What is “Behind The Wheel With ADHD”?

Have you heard the studies that show that teen drivers with ADHD are four times more likely to be in a car accident than their peers who do not struggle with executive-function impairments?

Would you appreciate some guidance from the experts on training and coaching teens with ADHD? If so then this program may be one way to help your students mitigate those risks and improve the likelihood of a successful training experience for your teens who struggle with attention deficits and learning challenges.

Human factors are considered to be the most common cause of automobile accidents with in-vehicle distraction identified as a significant contributor to traffic collisions. Any disorder that impairs attention elevates the risk for crashes and other serious incidents on the road. Automobile accidents are more common among those with ADHD and are usually associated with a higher rate of fatality. . Compared to other teens, young drivers with ADHD are two to four times more likely to have traffic accidents, three times as likely to have injuries, four times as likely to be at fault, and six to eight times more likely to have their licenses suspended. Many of the symptoms associated with ADHD are known to magnify driving risks, especially impulsivity, distractibility, inattention, excessive anger, aggression, and risky maneuvers.

What Does “Behind the Wheel with ADHD” Offer?

“Behind the Wheel with ADHD” gives you the tools necessary to coach your ADHD teens in creating effective strategies and skills to manage the risks associated with all executive functioning challenges and driving:

• Learn how to implement specific strategies to create a safer trip on the road for the teenage driver with attention deficits or other executive functioning challenges.

• Leave the training with a new set of tools to support the teen driver as he or she learns to drive and manage distractions, impulsivity, and other impediments to safe driving.

• Benefit from the research done on how drivers with ADHD and other executive functioning challenges can create a set of routines that eliminate many of the risky behaviors associated with ADHD and driving.

• Use the tools necessary to start a Graduated License Plan immediately for the new driver based on the prototype developed by Dr. Russell Barkley as well as templates for one’s own enhanced Driver Log, Parent-Teen Agreement, and information about the new app available for iPhones and Androids for the recommended Pre-Trip Inspection for drivers who struggle with executive functioning challenges.

• Learn the impact medication has on the effectiveness of a teen’s driving and some specific ways one can help him or her manage the medication protocol to mitigate risks.

When is “Behind the Wheel with ADHD” Offered?

Webinar Dates: Two Wednesdays in September:
September 23: Noon- 1:30 pm Pacific; 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Eastern
September 30: 4:00 pm- 5:30 pm Pacific; 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Eastern

What does “Behind the Wheel with ADHD” Cost?

Fee: US $75 for 90 minute webinar, use the button below to pay and register.

Choose a date
September 23rd
September 30th
Enter your phone number

How to Sign up for “Behind the Wheel with ADHD” Webinar?

To Sign Up: https://edgefoundation.org/parents/webinars.
Questions: Contact Denise von Pressentin at Edge Foundation at 206.632.9497 or at dvonpressentin@edgefoundation.org.

Who are the “Behind the Wheel with ADHD” Trainers?

Gayle Sweeney and Ann Shanahan are ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaches who specialize in working with teens, college students, and young adults who have ADHD and other executive functioning issues to help them set goals and create strategies to achieve them. . As co-creators and authors of the new program “Behind the Wheel With ADHD”, Gayle and Ann hope to share their passion for helping people focus on specific strengths and weaknesses in a remarkably tailored driver education experience.

tn(1)Gayle Sweeney is a graduate from Marquette University in Business and trained at with JST Coach Training, LLC, and received training in the Coach Mentor Training Program and earned a Certificate for Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum. Gayle enjoyed a successful career in commercial real estate in Chicago with CB Commercial (now CB Richard Ellis) and then chose to stay home to raise her four children before embarking on a coaching career.

ann-sAnn Shanahan is a graduate in Psychology and Education from North Central College. She began her career as a UPS driver and was quickly was promoted into the management ranks becoming one of the first female Managers of the brown package car drivers in the North Illinois neighborhood districts. She became the North Illinois Safety Manager, responsible for the UPS training and development fleet of drivers. She has two children in college.

Gayle and Ann were trained and certified in 2014 in the Rush Neurobehavioral Center Executive Function Skills Program© taught by Rush University Medical Center. Gayle and Ann presented “Special Risks Associated with the ADHD Driver” to the Illinois Driver Educators Association (IDEA), November 2013.

To learn more about Gayle and Ann’s ADHD coaching practice, visit their website: www.BehindtheWheelWithADHD.com



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