Five questions to helps students reflect on their college semester

Five questions to helps students reflect on their college semester

1. What are some of the strategies that worked for you this semester that you would like to carry into next semester?

2. If you could make one change that would contribute to a better next semester, what would that change be?

3. Next semester, what resource might you take advantage of for supplementary help (like study groups, tutoring, the disability support office or Learning Center, and psychological services or the Wellness Center) so you can do your best work and develop your skills?

4. How are you networking with your professors and others about your work in order to get ideas
on what you can do enhance your skills?

5. What type of future experiences (this summer and beyond) should you be thinking about that might help to enhance your own academic goals?

As you welcome your child back into your home over the summer, keep in mind that the more you can provide students with opportunities to think about (and articulate) their own learning process, the more you can contribute directly to their improved performance. This may require some initial development of skills through modeling and finding time to process information; however, it will provide both you and your child with a clearer picture of how he or she thinks, and it can help you promote the kind of deliberate learning strategies that you want them to develop. Ultimately, metacognition techniques help our children become more successful learners by externalizing events that occur. With your help, you can assist your child with ADHD in creating a better future semester!

Christina Fabrey, MEd, PCC, BCC, ACAC is an Edge Foundation Coach. She is a certified life and AD/HD coach, and an ADHD Coach Trainer. Christina serves as the Director for the Center of Advising and Achievement at Green Mountain College (GMC), an environmental liberal arts college in western Vermont, where she previously served as the school’s director of academic support services and disability support provider. Christina currently incorporates coaching into her work with students with disabilities at Green Mountain College.


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