“I was extremely unorganized…”

I was extremely unorganized in high school. I started falling behind, especially in math classes. My trouble in school caused me to avoid work in difficult classes. I saw a specialist who suggested that a coach could help me with organization and prepare me to succeed in college. In my weekly sessions with my coach we would discuss study habits. I would also show her all of my binders and folders to show I was keeping organized. My coach suggested how long to spend on certain assignments and discussed with me whether or not I should stay after with my teachers to seek help. She was also extremely friendly and always encouraged me to continue working hard and staying organized. Knowing I would have to meet with my coach every week motivated me to stay organized. I became noticeably more organized. I went from constantly missing homework assignments my first three years of high school to missing no homework assignments my senior year. I could easily find worksheets and packets in folders instead of looking around in my backpack or my room. I got into my first choice college. I believe the study and organization skills I learned with my coach have helped immensely in my first semester of college. I now feel more in control of my schoolwork and grades.

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