What happens with coaching sessions?

Edge Coaching FAQs

FAQs Overview

Here’s where to get all of your questions about Edge Coaching answered.

  • Getting to know Edge Independent Coaching
  • How to sign up for Edge Coaching
  • Who do Edge Coaches work with?

Getting to know Edge Independent Coaching

What is Edge Coaching?

Everyone knows a coach when they see one. There are football coaches, tennis coaches, dance coaches, voice coaches and executive coaches. And for the daily challenge of life itself there are life coaches. Put simply, a life coach helps people meet the challenges and opportunities life presents. An Edge Coach is a life coach who is specialized in (1) helping young people, who (2) have  unique Executive Functioning challenges such as  ADHD  Edge Coaching works the same way as an athletic coach, only the game is life.

Your Edge Coach will work with you on the skills you may be missing or need to develop more fully.  Over time you will get better at all the things that are hard for you right now — things like planning, prioritizing, time management, and organization. Your Edge Coach will also help you apply these new skills to achieving the things you want most. Check out some of our testimonials to hear how Edge Coaching has helped real students achieve their goals. People all over the world are recognizing the benefits of life coaching in their pursuit of career and life goals. Many CEOs and top business executives find that executive coaches can give them the edge necessary to manage successfully and effectively when the stakes are very high. At the Edge Foundation we believe that if a coach is good enough for CEOs, then it is good enough for our young people.

How does an Edge Coach help?

Coaching is particularly well-suited to helping people with Executive Functioning impairments, like ADHD, live better with the challenges of this disorder. Many of the strategies Edge Coaches offer are precisely the ones that are needed most. When self management, time management, and organization don’t come naturally, an Edge Coach can help you develop these skills. In addition, the focused and personalized one-on-one approach of coaching works really well for young people.  For those diagnosed with the Executive Functioning challenge of ADHD, Edge Coaching is not a substitute for traditional treatment such as medication. But at the Edge Foundation we believe Edge Coaching, regardless of whether the young person is on medication or not, is a critical and highly effective support and strategy for young people to learn to deal well with the Executive Functioning challenges they face.

There are seven major Executive Functioning challenge areas that most Edge Coaches work on with their clients:

  • Scheduling,
  • Goal setting,
  • Confidence building,
  • Organizing,
  • Focusing,
  • Prioritizing, and
  • Persisting at tasks.

Who are our Edge Coaches?

The Edge Foundation has recruited and trained a select group of coaches. Your Edge Coach is an experienced coach who has a real interest in coaching young people.  Our Edge Coaches have been specially trained in working with teens and young adults who have Executive Functioning challenges like ADHD.

What happens in an Edge coaching session?

Getting started:

The Edge Coaching Program starts with a get-to-know you chat. In this call, we’ll answer your questions, get a sense of whether or not you’ll benefit from Edge Coaching and make sure you understand the general terms and conditions of working with an Edge Coach. Once you and your coach have decided to proceed, you sign a contract and begin. These chats are free and take about 20 minutes.

Intake session:

The first session is a lengthy one and is sometimes called the intake session. During this discussion that usually lasts about two hours, you and your coach talk about what’s working and what’s not, what’s frustrating, and where you’d like to see progress. If you are under 18 years of age, your parents will participate in some of it. By the end of this session you and your coach will know what you are going to be working on and how you are going to work on it.

Weekly coaching sessions and check-ins:

After you’ve completed the intake session, you begin your weekly 30-minute coaching sessions.  In addition you will have additional check-ins during the week. Check-ins can be by text, phone, or email.


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