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Congratulations on being  ready for college! You are one of the lucky few – only 22% of high school students with ADHD go on to attend college. For most students with ADHD it’s been a long journey getting here and you are probably a little worried about cutting it in college.

  • Are you looking for a college environment that’s supportive of students with ADHD?
  • Are you worried what will happen when you leave the structure and accountability of high school and home?
  • Perhaps you’ve been swept up by the freewheeling life of college – and you know that having access to a tutoring center isn’t what you need to get back on track.

Read on!  You aren’t alone.

College is an exciting time, there are so many new opportunities and responsibilities. But when you have ADHD, and are totally in charge of making all of your own decisions for the first time – it can be a recipe for disaster.

In fact, research has shown that as few as 5% of ADHD students who enter college end up graduating. The Edge Foundation knows how to help ADHD students be successful and we have facilitated a two-year scientific study to prove* that our model works.

Find out today how Edge Foundation can help you succeed in college.

ADHD Students are “At Risk” Students

Students with ADHD are vulnerable because ADHD impacts the higher portion of the brain that regulates Executive Functioning. ADHD students usually have Executive Function deficits in attention, planning and organization, prioritization, impulse control, memory, time management, and higher-order conceptual thinking.

Executive Functioning levels are well known by researchers to be a an important part of academic success. Experts agree that successful students usually have four qualities that help them achieve their goals:

  1. Sticking with things even when the going gets tough (perseverance),
  2. Ability to delay gratification and focus on the big picture,
  3. Time management and organizational skills, and
  4. Striking the right balance between fun and work.

If you have weaknesses in at least one of these areas, you may be at risk to struggling with ADHD in college.

ADHD students don’t have to be “at risk” students.  An Edge Coach can help you learn the very skills you need to be successful in school.

Broaden Your Options

When you work with an Edge Coach, the options of where to go to school broaden. You no longer have to find a school that caters to ADHD because you can bring your support system with you!

An Edge Coach can help you:

  • Get better organized,
  • Achieve personal goals,
  • Effectively manage your time and,
  • Stick with things when the going gets rough.

Call us (1-888-718-8886) or sign up today to learn more about how Edge Foundation’s proven model can help you succeed in school.


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