The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity!


What Will Edge Do at Your School?


  • helps identify students who can benefit from coaching
  • administers the coaching program
  • provides or trains an Edge Coach
  • provides quality control
  • collects data
  • conducts research and evaluation

The Edge Coach sits down one-on-one with each student once each week.  Follow up occurs during the rest of the week either in person, or by text, phone, and/or email.

Young people work with their coaches to learn Executive Function skills such as

  • planning
  • prioritizing
  • staying on task
  • time management
  • impulse control

These are skills that help them complete their schoolwork — but most importantly give each student “agency.”  Edge Coaching helps students take charge of their time, their learning and their lives.

The Edge Coach is either an existing school employee whom we train to be an Edge Coach, or we can bring an existing Edge Coach into the school.

For more information email Neil Peterson, CEO (206-910-7515) or Tim Kniffin, In-School Program Manager (206-234-2597).

In-Service Training

Edge also provides professional development sessions for

  • teachers
  • counselors
  • school leaders
  • parents

1 hour, 4 hours, or 8 hours.


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