13 skills every ADHD students needs to learn before leaving home

“To ensure success, students need to make sure that they have achieved independence in daily living, study and self-advocacy skills,”  Dr Patricia Quinn.

  1. Awaken himself each day.
  2. Be responsible for his own laundry.
  3. Keep his room and possessions organized.
  4. Take any medication needed with few or no reminders.
  5. Eat healthy meals and exercise regularly.
  6. Manage money.
  7. Make good decisions about how to manage stress and to balance time between fun, chores and schoolwork.
  8. Set up a study schedule and stay on top of schoolwork without reminders.
  9. Organize ideas, write and edit his own papers.
  10. Motivate himself to face assignments and tasks that he doesn’t really enjoy.
  11. Clearly explain strengths and weaknesses to teachers and other people.
  12. Comfortably ask for help or admit when he doesn’t understand something.
  13. Find resources or support when he can’t figure something out on his own.


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