Don’t Give Up!


With the help of Edge Foundation’s wonderful ADHD Coaches you can succeed. Learn how our coaching program works here.

What’s an Edge Coach?

An Edge Coach is someone trained to help people who have ADD, ADHD, or who are just ADD-ish, people who often struggle to stay organized and on top of things. An Edge Coach is not a doctor. He or she is more like a friend or teacher but isn’t those things either.

  • A coach is your advocate—a person who gets to know you and finds ways to help you succeed in your life.
  • You and your coach talk regularly and check in about how your life is going.
  • Your coach can help you find strategies to stay organized and remember important things.
  • Your coach can help remind you to take care of yourself and show you ways to stay focused.
  • Your coach can also help you improve the relationships in your life with friends, classmates, teachers, and family members.
  • Your coach is there to talk to, strategize with, and advocate for you as long as you want.

The Edge Foundation connects young people who have a hard time staying organized and on track, people like you, with personal coaches who can help them do just that. When you have your own coach, you’ve got an Edge!


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