Don’t wait for fall, get started now

Get Help Now

Curious if it’s time to get an ADHD coach?

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Learn about ADHD coaching

Start by getting your questions about coaching answered.  Call 1-888-718-8886 or complete the form at the right. Our Coach Match Coordinator will get in touch to answer all of your questions.
Step 2: Get your student involved

Your child will be the one setting the agenda with her coach. Stop and think: “What motivates my child?” Start by talking to your child about her dreams and what’s holding her back. Coaching isn’t about fixing someone. An ADHD coach is your student’s partner in helping her accomplish her goals. Ask your child to  take a quick test to find out if he or she is ready for ADHD coaching.

Other resources:

  • Share this slide deck with your student or read the Coaching FAQs.
  • Download the College Success Guide for tips and tools your student can try.Get Our College Success Guide
  • We also have a number of videos you can watch together as a starting point for discussion. (Note the slide deck also includes a copy of an interview with real Edge student featured on CNN.)
  • You may also want to consider getting some coaching support for yourself. A coach can help you help your child develop his self awareness about his ADHD and offer suggestions for opportunities to help the child develop his maturity level to understand how coaching can help him.
Step 3: Schedule a free introductory meeting

Have you child answer a few questions and our Coach Match Coordinator will contact her, explain how coaching works, and explore which of our coaches are the best match to her personality and needs. The Match Coordinator will then  introduce the student to 3 prospective coaches which the student will have a chance to interview before deciding upon who to work with.

This list of questions can help you think about what you are seeking from a coach.

If your student is younger than 18, the coach will contact you, the parent, and answer your questions after the initial interview.  If the student is 18 or older, and if the student wants the coach to interview with the parent, she must give permission writing to Edge, and only then will coach contact the parent.


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