Talk to Your Parents About ADHD Coaching


OK, so you’ve read about what an Edge ADHD Coach can do for you and you want to get one. You are tired of the hassles and ready to work on new strategies to be more successful in school and socially and in life. What do you tell your parents so they’ll say yes to the cost?  Tell them…

  • You’re ready. That you’ll work hard and this won’t be a waste of anyone’s time or money. You can show them the results of the Am I Coachable? quiz to prove your point.
  • Coaching works. You can point them to the the research that proves ADHD coaching works if they’re interested. They can also read testimonials what other students and parents have said about their experiences with ADHD coaching.
  • ADHD coaching is cost effective because it can help you stay out of trouble, help improve your grades, help you graduate.
  • Coaching will end the high school homework wars. Your coach will help make sure you get it done so your mom can stop hassling you.
  • There’s no transportation involved. You can get to your appointment just by picking up the phone (you can read more about phone coaching in “About Coaching | Coaching FAQs“).
  • We encourage a two-term commitment for best long-term results, but you should be able to see results after 3 months.  So you can just try it for a shorter term to see if it’s really the thing that’s going to help.

When your parents are convinced ADHD coaching the right thing to do and you’ve got the OK to enroll, click on this link: “Get an ADHD Coach!”  Once you’ve filled in and submitted the form, you’ll be talking with our Coach Match Coordinator by the end of the next working day. It’s that easy. Our coaches are looking forward to helping you get your Edge!


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